Friday, September 30, a number of students were sworn in to the MTS Secondary Student Council, by Councilman Chavez.  Students pledged to faithfully preserve and defend the policies of MTS Secondary and represent their classmates.  “I need you.  Together we create a path forward.  Taking this oath is real,” Principal Finley said.

Councilman Chavez shared a bit of his life story, and what got him interested in being a Councilman.  His family lost their home while he was growing up, and he wanted to be part of making sure that people have homes, and somewhere safe to sleep at night.  He, too, worked in student government, which gave him his first taste at helping make a difference in community.

Students got to ask Councilman Chavez about his experiences and any advice he had for them.  Students also asked a lot of questions about the specific issues and roles their own Council might explore.  In the upcoming weeks, students will be campaigning for leadership roles on the Council, and all MTS Secondary students will vote.

“I will work with you at this table,” Principal Finley told them, “you have power—you are leaders.”

Following the meeting, students toured Councilman Chavez through the beautiful, new, MTS Secondary school.