There are many different ways to learn and Distance Learning in 2020, has highlighted some of them. Though staff and students are missing each other at MTCS schools, this time has also been a rich place for creativity.

Some sixth graders at MTS Elementary had an interesting assignment that used math, science and language skills. Teacher, Ms. Larson, created a project for sixth grade, Abby, to make lemon bars from scratch. With a little bit of support from her grandmother, together with her teacher, Abby made a fresh batch of lemon bars.

Sure, Abby learned about measuring, following directions, how ingredients work together to make something different, and of course there is a fair amount of reading … but I don’t think any of us needs to talk about the real benefit of school project like this—you get to eat a delicious lemon bar when the work is done!

Congratulations Abby and Jody on a creative, fun way to learn at a distance.