Dear Students and Families,

As summer is winding down and we are gearing up to start the school year, we wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you back! Leaders and various teams have been meeting over the summer planning and preparing for what will be the greatest year yet for our schools!

We wanted to let you know of a few logistical details. Our start and end times for school Monday through Thursday are as follows:

At Banaadir Math and Science Academy 7-10, we have adjusted our hours in order to be responsive to the requests of our families. The students attending this program will begin their day at 7:56am and end at 2:44.

The hours for MTS Secondary 7-12 and the JROTC 9-12 program will remain the same: 9:00am to 3:48.

Another exciting change is that school will be released early every Friday. School will start at the same time as every other week day but will end at 11:58 for Banaadir Math and Science and will end at 1:02 for MTS Secondary and JROTC.

At MTCS we understand that the needs of students go beyond academics. In an effort to equip ourselves to meet the needs of our students we will be having weekly staff development on Friday afternoons. These trainings will include topics around socio-emotional needs of students, standards based instruction and effective classroom management. It is our hope to provide the best possible education for your student, we feel these steps will move us closer to that goal.

Additionally as we continue to honor student safety as our number one priority, students will be asked to keep their backpacks and personal belongings in their lockers. A locker and lock will be provided to every student.

As always, if you have questions feel free to reach out to the Principal or Director of your program. We look forward to serving you and your students this coming year!

Shawn Fondow 952-843-9067

Principal of MTS Secondary

Andrea Miller 612-387-4974

Director of Banaadir Math and Science Academy

Start and End Time

Program Start End (M-Th) End (Friday)
Banaadir Math and Science Academy 7:56 2:44 11:58
JROTC 9:00 3:48 1:02
MTS Secondary 9:00 3:48 1:02
Download the Welcome Back Letter (PDF)