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EmpowerU puts students in the driver seats of their lives.

MN Virtual School has partnered with EmpowerU to offer this one of a kind solution to help students who need help.

It is difficult for students with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem to build the daily progress they need to create lasting change. EmpowerU was intentionally designed with evidence-based interventions and best practices to be engaging, effective, and empowering. 

Each daily lesson engages students as active participants in creating their own path to resilience and allows them the time and place to connect new concepts they learn to their personal growth.

Supplemental part-time enrollment is when a student is enrolled in a public or charter school and takes up to half of their courses online.

EmpowerU Course Description:

Anxious in a year of uncertainty? Unmotivated? Hard to Focus or find Joy? EmpowerU is an online semester course offered through MNVS Supplemental Program and designed to help students learn skills to build resilience and make change in the areas in which they are struggling most. Students learn to manage stress, negative thinking, social isolation, motivation, low mood, life balance and more.  An effective and engaging online course combines daily lessons with 1:1 daily coaching by master-degreed counselors to help teens build resilience and overcome obstacles in their lives. And it works! 93% of students decrease anxiety and increase confidence and mood, and increase grades.

EmpowerU is unique- we don’t just help students make change, we teach them HOW to make effective change. Students complete one 20 minutes lesson each school day over 12-14 weeks. Students can log on from their computer, phone or tablet – their individual licensed instructors provide daily feedback and encouragement to help them meet goals. Please contact Lorelei Lorentz at to get enrolled. Students earn one semester credit.

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