MTS Open House

Getting ready to start a new year at MTS!

Let’s celebrate a great new … (read more…)

Here are some of the highlights of our beautiful new school in Northeast Minneapolis, with a long, award winning history. We will give you a personal … (read more…)

Enroll in school today!

MTS Orientation and Registration is Wednesday, August 20, from 5:45 until … (read more…)

Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated another great year at Banaadir!
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Nearly 150 students and their family joined MTS staff for Portfolio Night & Science Exhibit on Thursday, May 15. Portfolio Night is time for … (read more…)

Summer Fun!
By Abdi Rahman Ibrahim

In the Summer I play with my friend named Mike.
He and I both enjoy … (read more…)

The MTS High Woofie Award was presented to Dawn S. who constantly goes the distance to support new teachers, fellow staff and students. She is always … (read more…)


As many MTS high school staff know, Nick transitioned from teaching graphic arts to teaching Special Ed in the middle of the year with very little … (read more…)


Compensation and Benefits

MTS Middle has a new look that exactly matches our learning, working style, take a look at these pictures! The words and images on the building say a … (read more…)


Making the most of his education and his life

MTS is featuring Cadet Chris this month because he is making the most of his … (read more…)


Introducing MTS High’s new travelling trophy: Woofie.

Woofie will recognize high school staff accomplishment. … (read more…)

The 4th Grade Students Highlight Caring and Important African Americans at Banaadir Academy For Black History Month!
Carter … (read more…)

Thankfully, we have put one of the coldest Januarys in recent memory behind us. With five unscheduled school release days due to the cold, our … (read more…)

Feed My Starving Children
By Sakariya A

On Friday, January 24, 2014 we went on a field trip. We went to this place … (read more…)

Mr. Hall’s class
Students in Mr. Hall’s fourth grade class wrote some pattern poems!
Is On
By Ayub M.

The … (read more…)

State tests are used to show what students are learning in class. It is important to do your best on these tests. Here are some tips for how you can … (read more…)

Middle School Science
By 7th and 8th grade science

Mr. John’s science class has been learning about plants. Every … (read more…)

Which two staff members have a twin?

You may give two answers. You will earn one prize for each correct … (read more…)

Check Out the New Physical Education Page!

Mr. Potts has launched the first teacher page at Banaadir.

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  • October 15-18 | No School
  • October 16 | Parent-Teacher Conferences 8:00-4:00
  • October 29 | Parent … (read more…)

From Mr. Potts’ Physical Education:

Class Families and students of Banaadir,

It has been a great first few weeks of school … (read more…)

Fall in the Forest– A Trip to the Minnesota Arboretum
By Mrs. Uzendoski

On October 3rd, Banaadir … (read more…)

Squish Squash
By Ms. Katy

Athletic, strong, funny, fast and friendly. These are just a few words to describe our … (read more…)

By Nadir Mohamed, Naima Iman and Nasriin Thair

Banaadir fourth grade is lucky because every Friday, we get to walk to the best Hennepin … (read more…)

By Muktar Ismael

When I was in Africa in Djibouti, I was playing soccer. I played every day with my friends at home. I was good at soccer … (read more…)

Which staff member is going to have a baby in February?

  1. Ms. Staire
  2. Mr. Phillips
  3. Mrs. Law
  4. Mrs. … (read more…)

The first week back at Banaadir Academy was very exciting for teachers and students. From day one, classes were designed to help students be … (read more…)

May 2013, Banaadir Academy celebrated its first graduation ceremony in our new building. The event was attended by over a hundred family and friends … (read more…)

The fourth graders at Banaadir Academy studied the Southwest Region of the United States as a part of our summer school cultural curriculum. The … (read more…)

Experience life-changing growth. Become a Minnesota Reading Corps literacy tutor.

You’re ready for growth. Whether you’re … (read more…)

Experimenting with Tulip Bulbs

By Ms. Patterson

This fall, the second graders in Ms. Patterson’s class embarked on … (read more…)

For one week, Ms. Javitch and Mrs. Uzendoski combined their power hour groups into “Super Power Hour”! After the students … (read more…)

Talking is how you spread your thoughts, ideas, and experiences to people around you. It can be a great thing, but sometimes we … (read more…)

Which staff member enjoys riding their motorcycle on the weekends?

  1. Mr. Brady
  2. Ms. … (read more…)

Mrs. D-H

Interviewed by Aliya A.

What is your favorite hobby?
I like to play fetch with my pet … (read more…)

We collect Box Tops and Labels for Education! When you go grocery shopping, check the package for the Box Tops coupon. Cut it out and give it to your … (read more…)

Even though there is still snow on the ground, we are heading into the stretch drive of the school year. Banaadir has just … (read more…)

100th Day of School – Ms. Elder’s Fourth Grade

By Esra

We made 100 Days of school necklaces with the Kindergarteners. … (read more…)

Which staff member went skydiving with their grandma on her 70th birthday?

  1. Hamza
  2. Mrs. … (read more…)

Ms. Javitch

Interviewed by Ms. Javitch’s Power Hour

Hamdi M, Aisha I, Ilhan J, Shamsa A, Mumtaza M, Samera A, … (read more…)

Mrs. Uzendoski’s Power Hour Reading class has been studying the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. We have learned that Dr. King won the Nobel Peace … (read more…)

We collect Box Tops and Labels for Education! When you go grocery shopping, check the package for the Box Tops coupon. Cut it out and give it to your … (read more…)

Mrs. Uzendoski

Bishar M, Mohammed N, Shadia E, Kadar M, Hamza A, Abdirizak Y, Ilyas, Masuud M, and Nafisa A … (read more…)

Which staff member has flown an airplane ?

  1. Mrs. Minion
  2. Mr. Dwyer
  3. (read more…)

My Winter Break – By By Mustafa Salad

I did many things over break. However, my favorite was basketball! I … (read more…)

MTS Class of 2016 sets some goals!
Have you ever watched a group of individuals turn into a team right before your eyes? That’s … (read more…)

Start the year off right at the first Parent, Student, Teacher conference and Open house this October 15, from 4 to 7:30 and on October 16, from 8 … (read more…)

In what has become an annual tradition, the MTS Elementary Wolves and MTS Banaadir Eagles squared off last week in a basketball final game, in the MTS … (read more…)

New location:
1800 2nd Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN 55418
You can take a look right here.

This summer MTS Elementary will … (read more…)

Our fall title night was a fabulous precursor to the weather we received over the past few days. Transforming the school into a winter wonderland … (read more…)

By Khalid OsmanThe science museum is a place that you can learn at least five true facts about science. … (read more…)

By Mrs. Hayden

On Thursday, November 29, we had approximately 66 families (300 people) come to our Family Reading night! … (read more…)

By Mrs. PattersonThe second graders in Ms. Patterson’s and Ms. Katy’s class planted tulip bulbs early … (read more…)

Ms. Nicewander
Interviewed by Ms. Nicewander’s Power Hour group

Najeeb: What’s your favorite hobby? … (read more…)

Mr. Johnson
Interviewed by Ayan Aden, 8th grade

What is your favorite hobby?
I have so many of them, … (read more…)

It has been a thrilling start to our school year. Moving into a new, beautiful space has afforded the students of Banaadir Academy many wonderful … (read more…)

On Saturday, October 20th, The American Refugee Committee (ARC) hosted the Run to Unite at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, which was attended by more … (read more…)

Fire Safety Week
By Mrs. HaydenTo honor fire safety week in October, a guest from the Minneapolis Fire Department came to … (read more…)

Mrs. Minion
Interviewed by Munira A. – 7th gradeWhat is your favorite hobby?
I like sewing.

If … (read more…)

What is your favorite hobby?I like playing guitar.
If you were a super hero, what power would you want to have and why?I would want … (read more…)

On March 12th JROTC Cadets participated in a Leadership Lab at the University of Minnesota. Leadership Labs are scheduled monthly field trips to the U … (read more…)

Freshman Cadet Jashley loves the uniform, the friendships and the opportunity for leadership at the General Colin L. Powell … (read more…)

Cadets at the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy are exploring what it takes to be leaders and what it takes to excel, learn and build … (read more…)

Way to go, Cadet Keith Addy! What does it take to be the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy Cadet of the Month? “Hard work, … (read more…)

Way to Go Cadet Brady Patton! Brady Patton was selected to serve as the Cadet Battalion Commander for school year 2011-2012.

Cadet Patton is a … (read more…)

Exciting reading & football playing visitors at MTS Elementary!
MN Gophers visit MTS Kindergarten

It’s not … (read more…)

MTS Wolves FC Futbol Club & Summer Camp for grades 7 -12
June 19 through 24
Boys 11-2 on Wednesdays
Girls 11-2 on Mondays … (read more…)

“Be confident… put in effort and learn. It’s okay to be scared, but you’ve got to get over it to get what you want…”(read more…)

There were lots of proud smiles on Tuesday when MTS Trade Skills students wheeled in the products of a four week bicycle mechanics seminar with … (read more…)