About Our Program

Our 100% virtual elementary school program allows students K-5 to engage in personalized online learning opportunities daily. We have live, licensed educators teaching and leading our learners, as well as closely working alongside families and Learning Partners. This elementary program was created with K-5 learners in mind, so that they can receive a full educational experience, as they would if they attended a brick and mortar school. We are able to not only offer core curriculum, but specialist courses, as well as additional socialization times for students to engage and interact with their peers each day.

A major unique feature of our virtual elementary school is that we keep our community in mind. With the importance of students needing peer interactions to build relationships, we offer the opportunity of micro schools to be established with small groups of our students. Please read the section below with more information about micro schools and our Learning Partner opportunities.

  • It is a flexible, “boundaryless” option for students and families
  • Small, pod-like groupings of children in a trusted, safe environment to engage in their learning and activities throughout the school day.
  • There are not requirements to attend in-person, as our program is 100% virtual
  •  Students and families have the choice of whether or not they want their students to attend the micro-school setting
  • If families elect to not attend physically via a microschool, teachers would instead support families individually in their homes
  • Libraries, homes, community spaces, and other places where families feel safe and comfortable sending their  student(s) for learning and social activities.
  • These spaces need to be safe, clean, and conducive to learning for all students to be successful each day.
  • Parents, trusted community members, paraprofessionals
  • We will hire and train the in-person facilitator to be the students’ Learning Partners and they will be independent contractors. Normal application processes, background checks and space approval will be required for Learning Partners.
  • Learning Partners will be paid a stipend for their collaboration and partnership in supporting the learners.