Instructional Tools

Direct Instruction


  • Core subjects (reading, writing & math)
  • Specialists (art, keyboarding, coding, social studies & science)

Individualized Instruction

Curriculum Associates

  • Reading & math
  • Individualized, personal learning activities based on where students are at on standards and strands

IXL, Lexia, Dreambox, and Dreambox Reading Park are also utilized regularly for additional instruction and practice.

Special Education, Title I & Multilingual Learners

We have a comprehensive Special Education team who will work closely with students and families who receive special education services, such as IEP’s or 504 plans.

Also, we have ESL teachers who will support multilingual students, if they qualify for additional language services and assistance throughout the school day.

Beyond that, we have Title I services that will provide students with extra, small-group instruction for math and reading to ensure they are meeting grade level standards.

Sonday System 1
Sonday System 2

Utilize Sonday System 1 & 2

  • Small group
  • Interventions
  • Reading Instruction