Getting the classes you need, when you need them can be complicated. 

Enter MN Virtual Schools Supplemental/Part-Time Program! 

MNVS offers a wide variety of classes, including basic courses—even PE—honors and electives.  And the best part?  MNVS is completely flexible, so the schedule is yours.  Making school fit your life is what we are all about.  And it is completely free, public education.

Here’s how it works.  You can stay in your home district school and take up to half your classes with MNVS and still graduate from your high school.

Home school deans/counselors don’t always fully understand this option—but the state of Minnesota allows you to take up to half your classes with us and your school must recognize the classes.  Not every school has everything you need, and this puts you in the driver’s seat to making school and life work for you.

Here are some of the reasons MNVS Part-time might work well for you:

  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Course variety needs
  • Alternative learning styles
  • Teacher/Conflict Bullying/Classmate
  • Early graduation needs
  • Credit recovery
  • 24/7 access to courses
  • Flexible start and end dates
  • Quicker or slower pacing of work

Teachers and support specialists are available to help you when you need it.  They are always available during regular school hours and by appointment.  Teachers use chat, phone, email and online meetings face-to-face—whatever works best for you.

Students can work at any time—24/7—and that kind of flexibility means that you can make school work around your schedule.

Our course work is online, engaging and meets state requirements.  And as a public school, there is no cost to students or parents.

You are in charge, and there are plenty of people to support you.

Easy enrollment process gets you started quickly.

Bi-weekly progress reports along with academic and technical support.

Tell me more about MNVS Supplemental/Part-Time so I can get all the classes I need exactly when and how I need them!”