PT Enrollment Instructions with Videos

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down slightly and click “create account”
  3. Create username (email recommended) and password
  4. Fill out guardian information > click on Next
  5. Fill out student information > click on Next
  1. Login to
  2. Click on “Create/Edit New Student” next to your student’s name
  3. Confirm student’s name is selected, then select their current grade > click on Next
  4. Select “MNVS PT/Supplemental > click on Next
  5. Confirm details
  6. Complete forms (You can “Save and Continue Later” if needed)
  7. Submitting Page 2 of the OLL form
    Note: The counselor can submit it directly to MNVS or guardian can upload the completed PDF or picture of completed form
  8. Submit Forms

This is if the guardian receives the completed form from counselor and wishes to submit it through SchoolMint.

  1. Sign into
  2. Click on “Register” to continue Supplemental/PT Forms
  3. Go to “MNVS Part-Time OLL” section
  4. Click on link for OLL form – download or print it off
  5. Send to counselor > counselor needs to fill out page 2 completely
  6. Guardian scans or takes a picture of completed document
  7. Click on “Upload” and select the PDF or picture of the completed form
  8. “View” your document if you’d like to double check it uploaded properly
  9. Submit Forms

School Counselors submitting OLL pg 2 through SchoolMint

  1. Use your school email add the username
  2. Your information as the “Parent/Guardian Information”
  3. Relationship to Student: “Other”
  4. Home Address = School Address
  5. Mobile Phone Number = number MNVS should use to contact you
  6. Contact Preference – Email Only (so the system doesn’t try to text you)
  1. Add the student’s basic info, use school address for all students – then click Next
  2. School Year selected, student name selected
  3. Current Grade and Grade Applying to “Not Applicable” (super important) – then click Next
  4. Only school you can choose will be “MNVS PT/Supplemental” – then click Next
  5. Confirmation Details and Continue
  1. Information you’ve already entered will be pre-populated
  2. You can fill it out for both semesters, if you would like
  3. MNVS only uses the normal funding formula for online learning (top option – mid-page of Section II)
  4. If the student has an IEP or 504, please email a copy to Coordinator Lorelei Lorentz
  5. Submit Form