Welcome to the first 2019-2020 Minnesota Transitions Charter School (MTCS) Newsletter! I am excited to present this first of four collaborative newsletters for the school year. The purpose is to share the many voices of MTCS and provide a window so all may have opportunities to see and learn about the great things taking place throughout MTCS. With that, please take some time to read through this, share with others, and celebrate the success’ of our MTCS community!

As you continue to read, please accept my sincere gratitude for an excellent start to the 2019-2020 school year. Because of you, MTCS is currently providing safe, welcoming, and rewarding educational programs to over 3700 students and our pattern is for more students to join as the school year progresses. We continue to welcome all because we believe all can and will learn, no matter what their background and/or experience. At MTCS we are always striving to make education work for the individual. Every student matters and you matter!

Although every new school year inevitably comes with change and challenges, I am impressed with how well MTCS staff, site by site, have come together with a focus on doing what is best for kids, today, as well as looking to the future so that we may continuously get better and better. In particular, seeing all our MTCS programs throughout the 2 weeks in August was nothing short of remarkable. As we hit the ground running with Trauma Informed and Restorative practices, curriculum mapping, scope and sequence work, as well as Teach Like a Champion (TLAC) and more, all willingly jumped in and worked to get off to a strong start. Additionally, each and every staff member played an important role in ensuring our MTCS students and families were welcomed, supported and valued as we kicked off the year. Thank you for making MTCS the educational setting that our families choose to attend!

Along with the excellent staff at MTCS, I am grateful for our families and the trust they put in us at MTCS. Thank you to our MTCS families for honoring us with the privilege to serve your children. Because of your partnership we are privileged to provide rewarding educational experiences throughout our 9 programs across 7 sites. We value the unique characteristics and diverse interests of each and every student and work thoughtfully to ensure the success of all. More so, because we believe that students learn best when we are able to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of all, we are committed to on-going, collaborative efforts amongst staff, students, families and the communities we serve. We are proud to offer safe, welcoming, and supportive learning environments that meet the unique needs of the wonderful students before us. Thank you for your partnership and for choosing MTCS as your public charter school community!

Throughout this newsletter, it is apparent that we have much to celebrate throughout MTCS. Once again, we are reminded of how honored we are to have so many amazing students in our presence. From kindergartners eagerly joining us for the first time to high-school seniors anticipating graduation, we serve all because we believe in all. In visiting the various programs throughout MTCS I am continuously impressed with the care, attention, and compassion given to students. The genuine, supportive, and nurturing relationships between staff and students are abundant and at the foundation of what makes our MTCS community a very special public charter school. To hear students share that they feel connected and valued by the various educators they interact with, is tremendously rewarding. After all, at MTCS we exist for the sole purpose of our students! We are committed to continuously work at doing what is best for the very students before us, each and every day.

In closing, thank you to our students for your continued efforts! Life and learning can present many challenges, some of which we enjoy and some of which we would never wish upon anyone. The courage of our students to continue to strive to push themselves whether academically, socially, emotionally, physically, or other is noted on a daily basis. Although such challenges are a constant, MTCS students have the capability and opportunity for a better today and an even better tomorrow. Thank you to all MTCS students for your hard work and continuous efforts to learn, grow, achieve, and willingness to take on the diverse challenges presented to you. I cannot emphasize enough the importance and value of each and every child. Because of such value for students, MTCS is committed to making education work for the needs of each and every individual because students matter, you matter, and all are welcome at MTCS.

With appreciation,
Brian Erlandson, MTCS Superintendent

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