The year is off to a great start at BMSA.  Our enrollment has settled just below 80 students.  The smiles and positive energy can be seen and felt in the halls on a daily basis.  We are trying a few new things this year. One of which is to provide extra instructional time during the school day in Math and Reading for our 7th and 8th grade students.  Through the use of multiple data points, students are placed in one of the two classes in which they need the most support. Through this individualized placement – student success is our goal.  Additionally our 9th and 10th grade students are exploring new topics including Astronomy, Robotics and Forensic Science.

Here at Banaadir Math and Science Academy we continue to strive to provide the best education for our students.  From our students who come ready to learn, to our reluctant learners we ensure that the right supports are in place to give every student access to the class content.  Additionally we train our teachers to hold student teacher relationships as a top priority to support the learning of the whole child.

Another area in which we are striving to improve is our parent communication.  This year we have built a BMSA website which hosts all of our content teachers’ plans.  This gives the parents direct access to the content being covered in the classroom, as well as the homework that is assigned that week.  Through this clear communication, our goal is to partner with the parents to encourage students to put forth their best effort in their academic work.  Our focus continues to be facilitating an environment in which academic excellence and cultural values coexist.

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