Time to take a good look at Minnesota Virtual School’s fully online programs- Minnesota Virtual High School and Minnesota Virtual Middle School

It is the perfect time to plan school for next year—and get yourself set up for success.  Minnesota Virtual School has a full high school and middle school program and is enrolling students for Fall, grades 6-12. And if you need a change right now, it’s not too late to join us this school year (full or part-time).  You can click here if you are ready to enroll.

We know there are a lot of online options (though we were one of the first and largest in Minnesota so you can rest assured that we know what we are doing).  Minnesota Virtual School prides ourselves as locally grown and community driven, and our entire faculty and organization will make your success our #1 priority.

Simply—we are here for you with amazing curriculum, a very dedicated staff and a personalized path to graduation.

But we think the best way for you to understand just how amazing this program is, is to let a couple students tell you.  Take a look our two videos—two successful Minnesota Virtual High School students—each in very different situations sharing what this program means to them, and what it has let them do in their lives.

We think you might be inspired, and it just may make you re-think everything you think about online education.

We’re different at Minnesota Virtual School—we’re personal.  And you can belong right here.

Watch Trevin's Story
Watch Hannah's Story