The November MTCS Board meeting marked the official placement of the candidates elected in the 2023 election. We are thrilled with the level of representation of our programs on the board  and the immediate engagement of our board members upon their placement. The work of our board of directors will help lead MTCS toward a strong future.

During the November meeting, Chairman Brian Lloyd announced his resignation from the board due to personal reasons. I would like to thank Brian Lloyd for his vision and leadership during his board service. As an alumnus, staff member, and chairman of the board, Brian brought a unique vision and wisdom to his work. Brian’s consistent message has been to listen to your constituents and advocate for your people. Thank you Brian for your service to the MTCS community.

Also during the November meeting, newly elected members Nikki Reinardy – incumbent (teacher from MN Virtual Schools), Peter Rand (teacher from MN Virtual Schools), and Imani Edwards (parent of an MTS Secondary student) were seated on the board. Following the seating of the elected board members, the board of directors made appointments to the remaining open board positions. Tyler Frankhouse (community member) was appointed to fulfill the remainder of Brian Lloyd’s term (2 years). Zahra Farah (teacher at Banaadir Elementary) was appointed to the open two year term and Allison Raney (teacher) was appointed to the remaining one year term.

Board officer nominations and elections followed the appointment of directors to the open positions. Nikki Reinardy was elected secretary / treasurer, Peter Rand was elected vice chair, and Tyler Frankhouse was elected board chair.

Tyler Frankhouse will be serving his second term as the chairman of the MTCS Board of Directors. Previously as board chair, Tyler Frankhouse led the board through the strategic planning process and the search process that resulted in my appointment as executive director. I speak for myself and the board of directors in expressing our gratitude for his resumed service to the board, bringing much experience and knowledge.

The full 2023 MTCS Board of Directors is: Tyler Frankhouse, Chair, Peter Rand, Vice Chair, Nikki Reinardy, Secretary/Treasurer,  Sara Roberts, Alinasir Samatar, Sam Trojan, Imani Edwards, Zahra Farah and Allison Raney. When you see them around the district, feel free to ask them questions about the work of the board and remember to thank them for their service to the MTCS community.