Black History month is a special time when as a District and a community we come together and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments and honor the struggle of African Americans throughout history—and importantly—in our present and future.

At MTCS we celebrate the lives and achievements of people of color all the time and in every month, but February is our chance to dig deeply into the rich heritage that has shaped our culture, our school and our lives. As the Wallstreet journal described it “a time when the culture and contributions of African Americans take center stage.”

It is also a time when we create opportunities for our students to share their gifts and talents—we know well that many of our students are people who will shape our world in important ways and we can get a glimpse of their many gifts right now.

Each MTCS school will arrange its own unique celebrations, many of which will be shared on the school websites. Some of the celebrations will be events where families can come and share in the talents and gifts of our students.

Throughout the month, MTCS student will explore the many ways African Americans have enriched our lives in the past, and explore ways to make a mark on today and the future.

Black History Month