There are a lot of reasons to choose an online school program—flexibility and opportunity are certainly part of it.  Following the pandemic a lot of students experienced online learning, but at MNVS, students chose this school for what it could offer them.  One student speaker shared how he had difficult times in a traditional school, but when he moved to MNVS, with so much personal support from his teachers “we will not let you fail,” he used his flexibility to explore possible careers.  Another student used her flexibility to begin building a photography career while still in high school.  And yet another student shared that her experience with MNVS, and the opportunity to take college classes in high school helped her get over her fear of college and her understanding that if she focuses on today—she can reach her goals.

MTCS has programs to meet each student on their path to the future.  We believe in investing in what each student needs, so they can make it through school, walk across the stage and take ahold of their high school diploma.  Their futures are bright and we are very, very proud of each and every one of them.