It is easy to think of schools as a place where test scores and accomplishment are what really count—not the whole lives of students.  And online schools might seem even more removed from the day to day living of students and families.

But Minnesota Virtual High School (MNVHS) is very committed to its students and their success and a recent volunteer project really highlights how deeply they care about their students and community.

It came to the attention of MNVHS staff that one of their new students was having a particularly difficult time.  The student’s single-parent family was dealing with a lot of hardship—her mother was ill, and the family, including the student and her young brother, was homeless.

MNVHS staff came together to talk about ways they could support this family.  Then they heard the great news that the family got a place to live—a trailer in Lakeville—but then the bad news that all of their possessions were in storage and they had no way to get them.  The family was sleeping on the floor with just a suitcase and a couple of changes of clothes.

Director, Bill Glenz shared, “This just didn’t feel right to us, we wanted to figure out something we could do to help them.  I asked if anyone was interested in volunteering to help the family get settled in their home.”

And that’s how more than ten volunteers from MNVHS, and their vehicles spent more than five hours one day, hauling the family’s possessions out of storage and into their new home.

Glenz said, “The whole thing was voluntary.  Everyone brought their own vehicle just to help someone you don’t really even know.  It felt really good to help one of our students like this—like we were all part of a pretty cool community that did something selfless and it really made a difference.”

Minnesota Virtual High School offers a wide range of classes and the teacher support to go with them, so students can learn in a flexible way.  Not only can a high school student earn their high school diploma, they are also part of a wonderful, committed community.

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