When you think of online school, you might picture students alone, pulled up to the kitchen table at home, working on a math problem, or writing an English paper. But at Minnesota Virtual Schools we know sometimes you need other people around.  MNVS invests in opportunities for students, and staff, to gather, share ideas, and participate in activities and work together. 

For example, recently a Veterinary Technician, Nicole, joined one of the MNVS Cat Club gatherings (one of the many clubs at MNVS) to talk about her career journey. She had helpful advice about how to build a career working with animals. She not only talked about her education journey, but she also shared her story and how she adapted jobs and opportunities to create a work life that really fit. Students asked questions and told stories about their pets—learning and connecting.

This creates a strong school community. 

Every year MNVS adds new clubs, activities and opportunities for students to get together, in person or online, and share ideas and just have a good time. From the garden guru club, Dungeons and Dragons club, esports teams, cooking club or school organized activities, there are so many ways that students can get together. 

Recently there have been a number of activities: the student outreach committee packaged food for Feed My Starving Children, students participated in an adventure to the puzzle room, the Bell Museum, Ice cream social at MNVS and an afternoon of physical activity at Sky Zone.

If you are looking for a school that blends flexibility with community, check out Minnesota Virtual Schools! Register by June 14 and guarantee your spot for fall 2024.