Teachers, parents and community members are invited to run for the MTCS Board of Directors. This year there are 3 open seats.

This is a real opportunity to support the programs and services that can positively impact students’ lives forever.

Everything you need to know to run for the election, or about the Annual Meeting on October 26, at 5:00pm, can be found on the MTCS.org website right here: https://mtcs.org/board-of-directors/annual-meeting-elections/

Here are some key details about the upcoming election:

  • Deadline to announce your candidacy is Friday, September 29, 2023 at 5:00pm
  • The application to run for the board is right here: https://mtcs.org/board-of-directors/board-application/
  • Following September 29, all candidate information will be posted on the website
  • Online voting will begin on Thursday, October 12 (we will send you a unique voting code)
  • Election results will be announced Friday, October 27

Contact Jenny Buck at (612)801-5065 or jbuck@emailmtcs.org with any questions.